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I’m Jos de Jong, living and working in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. I’m happily married with the nicest girl in the world, and we have a lovely little girl and a boy to take care of. I believe God created this marvelous world where we can live, love, discover, and develop.

I’ve studied at Delft University of Technology, and have a Bachelor Mechanical Engineering, and a Master Systems and Control. After my study I’ve worked in ICT and production automation at Quooker. After that I’ve worked as a Software Engineer at Almende, a Dutch research company specialized in information and communication technologies centering around self-organisation. Next, I worked at Teqplay as a full-stack software engineer, developing next generation software to make life easier for people working in the maritime industry. Currently, I’m a self-employed software engineer, working on my own open source projects and web applications. I follow my heart and see where it will bring me :)

I’m a passionate programmer. I’m pragmatic and have a lot of attention for details. Always overflowing with great ideas to work on (which tend to pop up at times I should sleep or when taking a shower). I have 20 years of programming experience and am familiar with languages and frameworks such as a various Basic languages, C++, Matlab, PLC programming, Java, Android, Kotlin, Spring Boot, PHP, Python, R, JavaScript and node.js, HTML, CSS, SQL, NoSQL, GraphQL, Angular, React, Svelte, and more. I’m always looking around for new tools, techniques, and languages to make programming even more fun. I enjoy the creative process that programming is, especially these moments where you finally figure out the right way to express something complicated in a clear and easy to understand way.

Things I’m interested in subjects like modeling of dynamic systems, mathematics, robotics, programming, web applications, machine learning, distributed systems, software agent technology, handling large amounts of data, software architecture, managing code complexity, user experience, doing the right thing (as opposed to doing things right), and more. There is just so much interesting stuff to work on!

You can contact me via wjosdejong@gmail.com, and find me on github @josdejong.