Multithreading is today's GOTO

Ask any programmer to the worst bug he ever encountered and you will very likely hear a terrible story concerning multithreading and data locks. Or maybe an issue around memory corruption or memory leakage. Two topics which are apparently hard to master for us programmers. The latter case, memory corruption, is becoming less and less of a problem, as most modern languages come with automatic memory management. Most people see this as a step forward: it saves us a lot of trouble and results in more robust applications.
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Details matter

This is a theme which pops up again and again at the software projects I am working on. I really liked this blog by Jeff Atwood in this regard, explaining all your app is, is a collection of tiny details. Software which has not taken care of details right can be extremely annoying, and vice versa, an application having its details right can be real joy to work with. This article explains the importance of paying attention to details in application development.
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Welcome at my blog. I just installed it freshly using octopress. Like everybody, I’m very unique and have the world a lot of interesting things to tell ;-). So here we go.