A broader view on isomorphic JavaScript

tl;dr In order to ease full stack JavaScript development, we need to take away the hurdles keeping these worlds separated. We need unified, isomorphic solutions for common functionality like module loading, networking, background processes, logging, and others. Ever had to use statements like the following? if (typeof window !== 'undefined') { // browser } else { // node.js } It’s a simple check to see whether a script is being executed in in a browser, and if not, assume that it’s a node.
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The art of creating simple but flexible APIs

A while ago I read the blog post Ranging Near and Far by Scott Sauyet. On Echo JS, Scott titled a link to this blog “Choosing simple APIs over flexible ones”. This title suggests that you have to choose between either simple or flexible APIs, which is a false dilemma. This got me thinking: What makes a good API? Flexibility Scott discusses the API of the range function of Ramda compared to that of Underscore.
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