How to keep your code simple and maintainable

When developing a new application, your code base starts small and simple. Over time, your code grows and becomes more complex. It can be hard to fight complexity and keep a code base maintainable in the long run. Here some principles that help me with that. Recon with the cost of maintaining code, not just the cost of development When buying a car, it’s quite easy to reckon with both the cost of the one-time purchase as well as ongoing costs like fuel, taxes, and maintenance.
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The art of creating simple but flexible APIs

A while ago I read the blog post Ranging Near and Far by Scott Sauyet. On Echo JS, Scott titled a link to this blog “Choosing simple APIs over flexible ones”. This title suggests that you have to choose between either simple or flexible APIs, which is a false dilemma. This got me thinking: What makes a good API? Flexibility Scott discusses the API of the range function of Ramda compared to that of Underscore.
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