Batteries included

tl;dr The JavaScript community is doing a great job in creating an ecosystem of highly composable, configurable, and extensible components. Unfortunately, this has complicated usage of these components. It is time to focus on the user again. Deliver components with a good default configuration which matches the typical use cases, and ensure a gradual learning curve for more advanced usage of a component. Latest years I see a trend in software libraries and frameworks that make me really happy: libraries have become more and more composable.
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Reusable software? Just don't write generic code

It may be the holy grail of programming: writing reusable code. Not getting stuck by inventing the wheel again and again, but moving forward and building on top of what has been done. Looking at what we do today, we still haven’t really figured this out. So you are writing a software library. You had a great idea for a simple, broadly applicable solution. You have cooked up a nice API and are happy with the result.
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